Thinking and thoughts


“Simple minded people are the happiest people” is an idea that has crossed many lips and different strokes of the tongue in the ocean of language. “Ignorance is bliss”.  ‘Making things complicated’ or the euphemism – ‘complex thinking’ leads to an over-cluttered mind and to mental and emotional suffering.

Philosophizing and seeking to understand; human psychology and seeking to be understood these pangs of thoughts fuel the hunger to satisfy the human need to understand and to be understood. But not all are as “lucky” to have the “luxury” of a chance at self-actualisation as there are many who are still struggling to have finite needs  met or/and limitless wants met.  People that are in the place where they’re not limited by finite needs and/or limitless wants have the luxury of gaining a more sophisticated understanding of life.

Brainstorming techniques mirror the complex pattern of limitless connections that take place in the neurons in our brain when we think .Many different and seemingly unconnected random thoughts can lead to ideas that are spirited by positive, creative energy.

Meditation calms the waves and storms of thoughts to a place of serene stillness and finds peace. Zen is the calm in the eye of the storm – it’s when the tiger is about to eat you, and you use the few moments of life that you have left to gently pluck the strawberry hanging from a vine, take a bite being completely immersed in the now, savouring the exploding tastes in your mouth still being aware that the tiger is about to eat you.
Thoughts can be occupied by many things. Thoughts occupied by vanity can be amusing. It’s like a man crawling through the desert completely dehydrated, and then when he finally finds water, he reaches into his pocket, takes out his comb, dips it in water, and then combs his hair.


Perspectives shift, and paradigms glide smoothly into the infinite possibilities of the universes. Outlandish perspectives opens eyes to see a new spectrum of dimensions. Some call it the ‘enlightened ‘vision. The innocence and purity of wisdom shines through in these vibrations of thoughts.


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