In Love!


Like a bird sitting still waiting to ride the wind, waiting to flutter its fluffy wings and fly through the infinite sky of possibilities. Watching the sunset from a bird’s eye view, watching the spectrum of space open up to a bigger picture where I’m the observer looking into a crystal ball. The trees gasp as the wind caresses their leafs, and I inhale and take a deep breath. Between two lungs, love is inhaled and exhaled, and we breathe as one.

Salty embraces in the ocean of love, floating in the waves of positive vibration. I can hear the waves now as I sit here in Mannheim. Flashes of riding on a thunderbird through emotional landscapes come over me, and the memory of feeling pure love and gratitude. I found the birds within us, those that fly free, and inspired me to try.

It all started with birds. Lying on the bench in a park in Bangalore, and watching the migratory birds enjoy their new destination. I want to learn how to fly too. A book found me in a cave cluttered with books on a dusty road in Bangalore city. It was Jonathan Seagull by Richard Bach. Synchronicity was thick in the air. I felt alive, a breath of fresh air so exhilarating, you want to just scream how much you love the universe. Every day was a new day, and it felt fresh and invigorating, and it’s easy to feel completely alive in the moment. It’s a sacred experience to have these moments in which you’re completely present and at peace.


Soaking up the sun in a park in Mannheim, I made up my mind that birds were going to symbolize love for me. Now I see love birds with their wings spread out like a heart everywhere, but only when I consciously become aware of its presence, and the presence of love within us and all around us.

I’m in love!



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