Living in the Garden of Eden


What does it mean to be wealthy? To be wealthy is to have abundance.

The irony of it all is that we live in an economic system that values scarcity.  Our economic system is governed by the law of supply and demand. How does the law of supply and demand operate? This basic law of economics states that when supplies of goods and services become plentiful, prices tend to drop. When supplies become scarcer, prices tend to rise. In other words, more scarcity = more profit. In contrast, nature is abundant. Mother nature has nourished and nurtured all living things. Humans have used agriculture to grow mass amounts of food, but the world hunger problem persists. Furthermore, agriculture has damaged our natural environments, depleted and damaged our soil, and polluted our rivers, oceans, and air. People, animals and plants have also been contaminated causing disease and suffering. To sum it up, our solutions for meeting the basic needs of people on this planet is damaging to both the planet and the people. The time has come for us to be humble and follow nature’s design.

Permaculture imitates nature’s ingenious design for planetary abundance. Permaculture works with nature instead of against it. Biodiversity and poly-culture is valued.


Permaculture is also an alternative to the back-breaking work of agriculture. Permaculture produces more yield with less work.
Permaculture is Permanent agriculture…

“The more you understand, the more you can put nature to work for you, the less you need.”

Permaculture is an alternative way of living…

sustainable living, less consumption and waste, healthier, in harmony with our natural surroundings.

The choice is yours: Be a part of the solution or be a part of the problem.


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