Personifications of God

Why do we try to personify god? Why do we insist on giving god a face? How do world religions personify god? Christians anthropomorphise god. They cannot possibly know who god is or what god is, but they choose to humanise god and think of him as a fatherly figure sitting up in heaven. They pray, our father who art in heaven bla, bla,bla…

The Christian God

At least the Hindus used their imagination and got a bit creative: Elephant god, Ganesha and his mouse, Kroncha who was once a god himself, but was cursed by Muni Vamadeva, another god for accidentally stepping on his toes. Monkey god, Hanuman. Goddess of destruction, Kali.

Ganesha and Kroncha

The Muslims do not personify god. I think this makes sense, because really we don’t know, and at least for once they admit that they don’t know.

Even Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of Southpark have their own personification of god. And to two of them creative buggers, god looks like this >>>>

The God of Southpark

Life after death. Do you really think we can understand something as complex and unknown to us as life after death? The Christians have heaven and hell. In heaven, we will all get a mansion – that is if we get there. And we only get there if we believe in Jesus. We could be the kindest and most harmless human being on earth, but nope, no entry unless of course you believe in Jesus.

Reincarnation makes more sense to me. But just leave it to people to screw things up. Is this to say that the Brahmins (highest caste in the caste system of India) acquired good karma in their past life, and hence were born again as religious leaders, philosophers, and teachers. Whereas the Shudras (lowest caste) were bad in their past lives, and are getting what they deserve now – doing the dirty work and  labeled as ‘untouchables’? So does this mean we should just leave them alone, and treat them with less dignity than others because this is their fate?

It is written in the good book (well, not the only one) that knowledge is a double edged sword. Knowledge as complex as the knowledge of life after death cannot be understood by us humans as easily as religious leaders would like. When this knowledge is not understood properly, it can do more harm than good. Knowledge such as this is to be found by each person on his own journey in his own time. One has to search on his own in order to find. This is why I don’t believe in preaching.

Reincarnation makes sense to me in the way that reincarnation is cyclic just as nature is. It is obvious to us that everything in nature moves in cycles. We have the cycle of the seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter. There is the daily cycle of day and night. The planets cycle about the sun and the sun revolves around the center of the Milky Way galaxy. We can see that reincarnation appeals to old fashioned common sense.


God as creator. Life gives life. Every living thing in this world has the ability to create another life. Humans can create life. Animals can create life. Even plants give life to other plants. This is the greatest miracle I have witnessed, and I don’t need to believe in Jesus walking on water or turning water into wine because the miracle of life is good enough for me. Save me the fantasies please. Since every living thing has the ability to create life, it’s not hard for me to believe in god as a creator.


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